The Middle-Tones Committee


  • Chair – Allan Garden
  • Treasurer – Barry Stevens
  • Secretary – Helen Ratcliffe
  • Member – Anne Sanz
  • Member – Joy Heaton
  • Member – Rachel Darton
  • Member – Caroline Cochrane


The Middle-Tones Community Choir Group Constitution



To promote community cohesion and improve the physical and mental well being of the men and woman of Middleton and the South Leeds area by providing access to a group singing experience backed by the professional expertise of a singing tutor.


The group has the powers to do all lawful things necessary to further its purposes.


The group is open to men and woman of all ages, ethnic groups, sexuality and religion living in Middleton and the wider South Leeds area. Membership involves adherence to the principles laid out in the constitution and attendance at group singing sessions at lease once per month.
A simple form will be available for those wishing to become members, asking for a name and contact number/email address and the first part of the post code. The contact details will be optional and will only be published to other group members with the individual member’s consent. Contact details will not be published outside the group.


Meetings of the committee to take place once a month to discuss the progress of the group. To address concerns the group may raise.


The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are each elected for one year, or such shorter periods as may be decided, and may be re-elected.


  1. The decisions of the group are as far as possible made by agreement, but in the even of a failure to agree, a simple majority of votes cast decides the matter.
  2. Each member has one vote only.
  3. The Secretary records attendance and decisions of the group in minutes of meetings, which are approved at the next meeting.


  • Money received by the group is paid into an account in the name of the group.
  • The signatories of the account are any two of the three officers.
  • The financial affairs of the group are recorded in a book or books kept by the treasurer.

Accounts and Audit

The accounts of the group are drawn up annually in the form of a balance sheet and Income and Expenditure Account and must be independently examined if one fifth of the members so demand.


The group may pay out-of-pocket expenses incurred by any member with the prior authority of the group.


The group may at any time decide to wind up its affairs and donate any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities to any agency, organisation or project for any similar purpose then decided.


The group may amend the constitution at any time, but notice of the proposed amendment must be given to all members at least seven days before the meeting at which is to be considered and at least two-thirds of the members must then vote for the proposal.